Meet Alexandra! 

HEY Y’ALL (I am a wannabe southern bell)!

Don’t I have the coolest roommate ever?!! I remember the day I saw her post on Instagram that said she was moving to AZ (she had no idea I already lived here). I already knew that we had the same love for dance, sunSHINE, hiking, SUNshine, yoga and more SUNSHINE so we were destined to end up in the same state and shortly after, become roommates!

Okieee on to the topic of today…a lot happened before I moved to Arizona 2 years ago (still cannot believe it’s been that long). After growing up in Plymouth, MN and getting my degrees at the University of North Dakota (GO SIOUX!) and Southern Mississippi, I moved to the desert where I began my career as a Speech-Language Pathologist in a pediatric outpatient setting. When I am not working with young children to use alternative and augmentative communication, to be a ‘superfriend’, to eat a more variety of foods, or say their final consonants, I am traveling and spending time with family/friends…which usually involves some mountain and a good IG picture.

img_5849.jpgNext time you hear from us we will have officially Hiked The Runway! In the meantime…

Think about this!

Isn’t life one big fashion show, with everyone at a different point in the hike?

Thanks for reading all y’all!

See you at the top!




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