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‘A’ merica 

Location: A Mountain | Tempe, AZ

33.4283° N, 111.9359° W

Elevation: 1,496

Duration: 37 minutes

If you are at all familiar with the big Universities in Arizona, you can appreciate the rivalry in football and basketball that Arizona State University and The University of Arizona have. Each school has a mountain on its campus with a big concrete A, displaying the school’s colors. The schools hold many traditions around the A and attempt to keep it protected from one another; but enough about that…let’s get down to business.

Shoes/Shorts: ADIDAS | Backpack: REI |Top: Zella
We left our apartment with $3 and an agenda to 1. get a flag and 2. climb a mountain. After purchasing our flag for $1.08 at the Dollar Tree and plugging the meter for 37 minutes with the change, we were on our way to the TOP with $1 to spare! It’s a pretty short but steep hike up to the lookout where our pictures were taken.  We had to move quick, as our meter had exactly 37 minutes on it so no time to fuss. we changed into our outfits and started snapping photos. We LOVED this view with the city in the background, a more urban approach than our last endeavor.

Outfit Coordinates: Jumpsuit: Asos’s | Shoes: ZARA
The mountain was busy and we met a nice boy who had a fancy camera. He offered to take some pictures of us and gave us his business card to follow up. We emailed him at dinner that night for the photos and haven’t heard back! Bummer. Luckily we got a few pics together with our tripod (still mastering the art of that thing) and plenty of cool solo ones. This view was too good to waste.

Outfit Coordinates: Top/Scarf: EXPRESS | Skirt: Buffalo Exchange | Shoes: Saks off 5th | Glasses: Forever 21
After the hike we headed to Old Town Scottsdale for dinner and dancing to kick off the Holiday weekend. Happy Independence Day!

Where should we hike next? Let us know!



Thanks for reading,

See you at the top!

J | A

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