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When in doubt, polka dot it out. 

Location: Hole-in-the-Rock

33.4566° N, 111.9454° W

Temp: 95 degrees.

Duration: 30 minutes

It was a quick jaunt to the top of this beautiful rock. We set out Monday morning to capture the view from the ‘hole’ situated just outside the Phoenix Zoo, as part of Papago Park.

As the sun was rising we viewed the city from both sides making these photos extra fab!

It wouldn’t be a HTR without conversation with fellow hikers and unexpected encounters with critters! Shoutout to the nice gentlemen who took our picture and asked us to go live on their Facebook! It was a sprint down the rock and off to work we went.

On J: Dress: Tommy Hilfiger | Shoes: Vince Camuto \\ On A: Top: T.J. Maxx | Shorts: Banana Republic

Did you know that early inhabitants of this region used and recorded the position of sunlight through the opening to mark the seasons?! Although seasons don’t mean much in AZ, we sure are glad this heat won’t be around forever! Thanks for reading, y’all! We hope you have a polka fun day!

See you at the top,

J | A

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