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City lights

Location: Mill Ave | Tempe, AZ

33° 25′ 28.4304” N | 111° 55′ 40.8036” W

Temp: 100 Degrees


Wednesday night. 7pm. Let’s take some pics. Mill ave for the win with this city cool scenery. We HIKEd up the stairs to the illuminated sidewalk and strutted our stuff through the last of rush hour traffic.JMILL3

Pants: HUSDON JEANS | Top: EXPRESS | Shoes: Tj Maxx

Pants: LULU’S | Top: FRANCESCAS | Shoes: Tj MAXX
We get it. We need a serious altitude adjustment… we are missing the runway terribly but this heat has us thinking outside the box for our photo ops. As always, thank you for reading! Wherever you are, we hope you’re loving life and we’ll see you very soon, next time for real, at the TOP!

J | A


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